ESG Consulting Services for Oil & Gas

Navigate ESG-related risks and complexity with the support of our ESG experts

With growing stakeholder interest in ESG issues, regulations getting tighter, and focus on disclosures increasing, ESG Dynamics helps businesses rise to the challenge.

Our four-step ESG management consulting program is designed
to empower your organization with relevant ESG insights and solutions

Health Check : Environmental Compliance, Data Audit, and ESG Benchmarking

In this two-part process, we help our clients establish a baseline by conducting a detailed compliance review with applicable regulations. That is complemented by an assessment of environmental performance, trend analysis, and peer group benchmarking. We bring organizations actionable insights based on real data, minimizing their liabilities and litigation risks, while helping them reduce the environmental footprint.

Goals & Objectives : Material ESG-related Risks and Opportunities

Our team builds on the findings of the Health Check to develop or progress our client’s ESG roadmap and sustainability reporting efforts. We facilitate defining stakeholder-aligned objectives and optimize internal goal setting. In tune with industry trends and world class performance, we help our clients address company specific material issues.

Internal Improvement : Customized ESG Roadmap by ESG Experts

We help our clients develop action plans based on top priority goals and milestones, leveraging our expertise, industry best practices, and leading ESG tools and technology. Our team works with clients to develop data collection plans which underpin and track company progress. Over and above that, we help clients address any identified compliance remedy projects, and map the process value stream corresponding to internal workflows to identify areas for improvement.

Operational Execution & Lookbacks : Field-level to Sustainability Reports

Our team extends support to organizations in operational plan implementation, extending to project management, status reviews, lookbacks, and continuous improvement practices. Our operations team conducts field level assessments, leak detection surveys, and preventative maintenance projects. We offer associated regulatory reporting support, including annual GHG reporting to the EPA, along with data-driven sustainability reports for consistent ESG messaging.